7 Web Dominating Tools You Haven’t Heard of (Updated! w/ Bonus)

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing search related conversations over the last few months and I want to share some of the gems that constantly get talked about or used from folks who get down dirty and do the work.

So one of our recently conversations was about their favorite tools. I didn’t specify SEO, PPC, Links etc just their favorite tools that help them get things done. The answers were all over the board and everyone useful. It amazed me that tools like Scrapebox, ScreamingFrog or Ahrefs wasn’t mentioned but in the SEO world those are pretty standard so I immediately wanted to make it into a blog post.

That being said, here’s a few of their answers to “What’s your favorite tool?

My favorite SEO tool has to be URL Profiler (link). Move over, Scrapebox, this is the real swiss-army knife of tools. It can connect to a multitude of APIs to give you link metrics, social shares, content audits, and more. Not only that, but it can act as a prospecting tool, unnatural link auditor, Twitter profile scraper, friend, confidant, you name it – it does it.

Tom Roberts, owner of Buzzmeow

I’ve been a big, big fan of Majestic.com since I ever got into SEO. Even though the design looks a bit dated, it’s super fast and easy to use. I can recommend it to any SEO

Steven van Vessum, Blogger at steven.land

Personally, my favorite tool is Moz. There isn’t a time when I’ve been stuck in a search related jam with my website that I haven’t been able to turn to Moz and get the answers I need.

Cary Matthis, owner of ArmchairEmpire.com

Ever since I started using Charles proxy I have been able to detect whether my Google Tags and Triggers are setup correctly a lot quicker. It’s a time saver that every analyst needs.

Nick P,owner of Nose-Blackheads.com

“I use Ahrefs for keyword research, competitive analysis and link building campaigns. Their large index and improved Keyword Explorer gives me the accurate info I need to make decisions for both my clients and my affiliate sites.”

AJ Dichmann of ajdichmann.com

Fiverr’s been a game-changer for me. Now, I almost never spend time looking for contact info. Instead, I’ll grab a list of search results or backlinks, send it off to Fiverr and $5-10 later I’ve got a full list with contact info and more.

Michael Heligenstein of FSB

There’s a ton a of functionality, and a Screaming Frog crawl is my first step when doing a technical site audit. Something really insightful is doing an Internal Link audit and calculating which pages your actually giving the most weight to on your site. I use Paul Shapiro’s R Code which shows you which pages you link to the most. For ecommerce, it should be your most important category pages.”

Vladimir Fefer, aka Vlad the SEO Impaler, SEO Manager at Zoro.com

While I love all of these suggestions, except maybe the inclusion of Moz as everyone has heard of it and its usefulness can be debated, there is a tool out there that not enough SEOs or web people in general know about. I’m such a big fan of Content King that I had to add it as my suggestion. I’ve yet to see a tool that breaks down your site in such a manner that is easy to understand and also quite enjoyable to work on. Maybe I’m being manipulated by the points system but making a game of working on your site is a brilliant idea and I’m sure you’ll find yourself trying to earn more points and get a perfect rating.

I’m obsessed with getting all the points I can!
Sample of the issue card, click through to get a detailed breakdown of the issue and all the urls with the issues.

I’m hoping you’ll find these tools useful as they live outside of the normal ‘top seo tools’ list we see regurgitated around the web. The answers are out there, sometimes it just takes a little digging and the right conversations to uncover the gold.

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