adCenter Beta Launches New Features

The adCenter blog announced some new features being launched for adCenter beta. The upgrades are

Easily go to any Campaign or Ad Group in your account via our improved navigation ? Import your other search campaigns, including third-party campaigns, into adCenter with one Excel spreadsheet or comma-separated values (CSV) file. ? Delete poor-performing keywords right on the keyword performance page. ? Download all adCenter data into Excel. ? From any page, find campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads that contain all or part of a search query string.

These are all very important features and much needed upgrades. I thank MSN for finally support bulk uploads and downloads of account information via spreadsheets. For those that are not familiar with this, it is essentially an account dump into a spreadsheet. A very useful feature that Google, for some reason just disabled. This will make it a lot easier for people like myself to make mass changes to account and even import account setups from Google. I’m sure a lot of account managers will appreciate this, I know I sure do.


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