Branding Strategies for PPC

I have about 10 tabs open in my FireFox that I’ve been meaning to post about for ages so I am hopefully going to catch up on this in the next week or 2.

With that said, Scott Woodard, not recently wrote a good article on MarketingPilgrim going over some PPC branding strategies that everyone should implement. He covers concepts such as bidding on your domain name, its misspellings and navigational type searches for your name but I would like to add a few additional points that I like to use:
Bid on your phone number and address – these will obviously be extremely low volume words but if someone does happen to search your phone number or address you want to be found. Isn’t the whole point of branding is to build a reputable presence, you do this by being found when people are looking for you.
Bid on key employees names – this doesn’t apply to everyone but if you have some popular people in your company or those who act as a spokesman for your company and industry, be sure to bid on their name.
Bid on competitors names – Bidding on your competitions name is sometimes viewed as an unethical practice but it really is a good way to increase exposure for your brand. Sometimes companies will have their names trademarked and won’t like other people bidding on their terms but I have found that 7 times out of 10 this is not the case. *Warning, this practice could bring on negative attention, it is not for everyone.

Using these few tactics along with the ones Scott mentioned, you should be able to implement an affective branding campaign. The best part of an affective branding campaign is that it should be very doable on the cheap.


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