Google Adds Keyword Level Quality Score

I posted about this a month ago and to prove to you I wasn’t making stuff up again, here is the official announcement on the Adwords blog.

This is nothing but a good thing as Google aims to give us a little more transparency in our accounts, making it easier for advertisers and account managers to effectively judge performance of our keywords without a mystery factor hanging over our heads. Granted it is only a 3 point scale (poor, ok and great), its much better than what it was before, nothing.

One thing that is going overshadowed in this annoucement is the note that Google will lower minimum bids on keywords with little history. This is especially great for those of us who bid on longtail keywords. Here is the quote from the Adwords blog:

“For example, if the system does not have any data on a keyword, we’ll try to assign that keyword a lower initial minimum bid until we have enough data to make a more accurate assessment of the Quality Score for that keyword in your account.”

Good stuff Googlers. Good stuff. [More on Techmeme]


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