Google Checkout Doesn’t Play Nicely

My wife and I were talking about the problems her company is experiencing with Google Checkout and it basically is the same problem for us PPC folk. She works for a small up and coming affiliate marketing company, similar to Commission Junction but with much better technology. All affiliate companies, including hers, are having problems tracking conversions when a merchant’s customer checks out with Google Checkout.

Google Checkout doesn’t allow any modification of confirmation pages which is where most conversion tracking is finalized and credit is given to the appropriate affiliate. With no modifications of confirmation pages allowed affiliate marketing companies have to find alternate routes for conversion tracking but so do us Paid Search advertisers and essentially any advertiser who uses conversion tracking. Now for paid search at least we have the option to use Google Analytics to track conversions but since there are tons of advertisers who don’t use Google Analytics.

Google says they are working on a fix for this issue but they have been saying that for 6-months with no timetable in sight. Thanks Google.

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