Google to Offer more Click Fraud protection is reporting that next month Google will allow advertisers to block specific IPs.

Beginning next month, Google plans to give advertisers the ability to prevent their pay-per-click ads from being shown to competitors suspected of repeatedly clicking on the ads to drive up their cost.

This will be a great tool for those who suspect their competition is clicking on their ads and costing them advertising revenue and opportunity to gain new customers. The official announcement is set to be posted on the Adwords blog later today.

Google also has an elaborate explanation of what they consider ‘Invalid Clicks’ on the adwordsa Blog.

As part of our effort to provide you with more information on invalid clicks, we wanted to give you some additional background on how our systems, processes, and teams work together to manage click fraud for our advertisers, while also sharing what the overall landscape of invalid click detection at Google looks like.

While I love that Google is taking a proactive stance on click fraud but its funny they keep implementing new click fraud preventions when they say that click fraud is only 2%.


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