Guaranteed SEO Services?


Heres the Tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) – Avoid anyone who says anything close to the quote above or guarantees your SEO. One of the most competitive marketing verticals available to brands is offering SEO services, since anyone who has read a blogpost regarding SEO strategies, which are barely scratching the surface, believes that they can offer and execute an SEO service.

And in addition to that, these “specialists” are utilizing ineffective SEO techniques that are either outdated or considered blackhat/unethical in the realm of link building.

Due to the competition in the industry, many are stepping up and trying to offer what they call, “Guaranteed SEO Offering”, which is a promise that a secured first-page search engine rankings or the client can get their money back.

Unlike PPC or social media marketing which are digital marketing verticals, SEO campaigns require in-depth keyword research and are reliant on algorithms to boost the website’s ranking on organic search.

So what is their reasoning behind this “guaranteed results”? That’s what we will discuss here and whether they are a viable option for you and some tips for red flags in an agency.

It is important to keep in mind when looking for an SEO company is that they are there to do business and many of these companies hire persuasive salesmen that are eager to make sure that you sign that paper. And because of that these salesmen are more concerned with their commission checks rather than the well-being of their new client.  They may exaggerate things and say “we promise SEO results, or we won’t charge you until we get these promised results.” So with that let’s dive in deeper.

The Guaranteed SEO Results

It is impossible to guarantee SEO results to someone. As mentioned earlier this is just a very popular sales tactic and since to verify the trust and relevancy of a website is reliant on metrics that are used for the search engines, it is clearly impossible for an agency to guarantee this result.

Google has even mentioned that you can already question an agency’s motives if they are already pitching guaranteed results and if they also mention that they have someone who is currently working in Google.

Google SEO Scam

In connection with guaranteed search results, introductory calls or qualification calls are usually done to guarantee that the SEO company has what it takes to be compatible with you and your website and also if you are compatible with the SEO company itself.

Most of the time in qualification calls, you have queries that are too technical for the salesperson to be answered. In this way the salesperson will have an opportunity to make up an answer that they think you would like to hear.

Some agencies take it one step further and offer a guaranteed SEO service straight from their website which is a red flag for Search Engine Optimization services.

With these types of promises there is a high chance that the SEO agency that you are in contact with is not using the up-to-date and reliable tactics which can lead to a penalty on the search engine of your website. (e.g. link building).

As the algorithms get more advanced some SEO agencies fail to cope up and this leads to improper execution and poorly managed expectations.

In conclusion, if you are offered with a guaranteed SEO from an agency, it should be takens as a red flag as we mentioned earlier, it cannot be done and no agency can offer you a guarantee. But there is still one “promise” that companies offer which is…

We’ll Work For Free Until You Get Results

The other guarantee that many SEO agencies like this offer is that they are willing to work for free until you get the results that were agreed upon. This is also a scam, with this they can get a certain amount of dollars from your business over the course of months for the contract that you signed.

What happens is that they will take your money for a few months, then not do any work, then after a few months they will pitch you this “promise” of working free until you get the result but in the end nothing will happen.

Most of the time these SEO firms usually have very low pricing with a lack of track records, testimonials and case studies to support what they are trying to sell. They won’t change anything and they won’t keep trying since in the beginning they aren’t even trying. They will be able to get some amount from your business in the first few months and then you will get passed to different persons in their agency until you give up on contacting them.

What you can learn from this is, some SEO agencies will do whatever they can to close a sale. Due to the competitive nature of the SEO industry, these kind of agencies are sometimes forced to create a market differentiation as much as possible that they are doing things like this just to close a sale and make a new client.

What Can You Do About It?

When you are approached by a new SEO, the first thing you should do is qualify the company. You can even ask the marketer whether they can offer  guaranteed search engines ranking to assess their style when operating. Most respectable companies will tell you that this cannot be simply guaranteed but what they can give is a time-tested framework that has been proven to transition websites in the search result.

Companies that make this “promise” give SEO marketing campaigns a bad name. 

SEO works effectively when utilized properly and efficient optimization has the potential to attract traffic from the SERPs.

We hope that you hire the right company which is the important thing in the SEO plan

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