Raleigh Digital’s Approach to SEO

We’ve been doing SEO since 2002 and with that experience we’ve refined and developed an approach to SEO that is based on experience and an understanding of what is important to get the most out of each clients’ site. While every site is different and requires a unique approach the foundation of that approach remains the same.

We start with a technical audit to remove any obstacles that could be holding back the site’s current potential. We like to think of it this way, if you fill your gas tank up with fuel but the tank has holes in it, you’re not going to get the most out of that tank of fuel as possible.  SEO is no different, if your site has holes, they need to be plugged so any fuel you put in is going to be maximized.

From there we move into keyword and content analysis with the goal of finding out what content areas can be added or enhanced in order to answer as many user queries as possible.  Search engines are looking to rank sites that offer the users complete answers in order to satisfy their search-intent. In addition, this allows us to find gaps in the current content which create opportunities for new traffic and visitors.

After those foundational pieces are put together we move into, building up links for your site.  We also take a different approach to that by focusing on relevant links from topically relevant sites and the approach has been effective for us over the years.  

We have the experience and results to prove that our methodolgy works but we pride ourselves the most on the relationships we’ve built.  Our clients know that no matter the size of the client or the topic at hand, we will always provide you with an honest and trustworthy answer.  

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