Local SEO

Yes, it’s possible to do SEO for a small business, here’s how.

As fellow business owners, we understand that you want to reap the benefits that a small business SEO can offer without taking the wrong turn.

And as a trusted SEO company, here is what we do for our small business SEO clients;

We are transparent with our process; you can ask us anything to help your business. You will discover that we don’t have any secret techniques. We do our work diligently.

No SEO company can guarantee a #1 ranking, but what we can do is help you rank with low competition keywords to have immediate results as early as a few months instead of waiting for years.

Our reporting is an open book. You can see all of it, our success and even our failures. We take credit and responsibility, whichever the result is.

Straight-forward communication.

Practical approach.

Transparent Reporting.

The SEO Game Plan for Small Business:

Here is the 3-Step Strategy At The Core Of Our SEO Packages

1. Create a Small Biz SEO Plan

While developing a 12-24 month campaign plan, we tackle critical questions like; Which keywords should we aim for aligned with your budget? Which content should we post on your site? Which approach would work best for your site?

As mentioned earlier, we are targeting low competition keywords first. These keywords are what people are searching for on Google that only match a few websites.

Then your business will determine how we plan for our long-term goal. Along the way, we will consider some of the long-term SEO plan factors like; the number of your target keywords, what keywords are currently on your sites, and the operating budget of your campaign to maximize efficiency.  

  • Excellent Keyword Research
  • Hands-on On-site Audit & Optimization
  • Deliverables Engineered for Small Business SEO

2. Authority Building

Building your “Website’s Authority” is the next step in our SEO game plan. In this step, we will prioritize the optimization of your website’s contents with your keywords. When you are googling for something, you want to have your answer from trusted or “authoritative” sites, and that’s what Google wants to show you.

The length of time people scroll through your page, the number of clicks on your links, and whether other sites mention you on their site are just several factors in how Google tells if your site has the answer to what people are searching. 

It won’t be enough to have the right keywords on your site; we also need to provide good quality content working hand in hand with your keywords. Your content should yield value for Google to believe that people will spend time on your pages and bring value to them.

  • Individual page content writing
  • Blog & Editorial Calendar Management
  • Ongoing Blog Posts & SEO Innovation

3. Boosting Your Credibility

After establishing your website’s value to your visitors, we will work on boosting your site’s credibility. It won’t be enough to post that “my business is the best ” on your site, you will need something to back this up.

Backlinks will work wonders in boosting your site’s credibility on Google. These backlinks are links from other websites that you don’t own that point back to your site’s original content.

Small business SEO experts acknowledge that backlinks play a huge part in a successful SEO plan. But to maximize the backlink’s full potential, they should come from websites with a lot of traffic with solid authorities. 

Helping you get backlinks from these sites is where we come in. We know that you are curious about getting backlinks from those sites. We got that covered. We will do the content writing for you and we’ll contact them if they would like to have our content. By doing this, they will get traffic for their site, and we will get a backlink to your site! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

  • Ongoing Backlink Building Services
  • Focused and High-Value Blogger Outreach
  • Suppression and Deny Services for Spammy Links

Ready to Grow Your Business with Local SEO??

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