Will Click Activity Change with the Adwords Layout Updates?

Barry posted a question regarding how the click activity will change on the paid search ads based on the changes Google made on the SERPs. I guess Barry didn’t see that I already posted the answer. Just kidding, I don’t expect the rustybrick to be one of my 4 readers but I’ll sum up my thoughts after only a few days of the changes being live.

  • Clicks have seen virtually no change
  • Impressions have not changed
  • CTR has gone up by .5% or so

So despite what everyone expects the changes, like I thought, have been minimal. I think that they canceled each other out.

  • Ad blindness was affected with the change from blue to yellow
  • The increased clicks that should have come from the color change is counteracted by the change from a click-able background to a link only click-able ad

Although its too early to tell the long term affect of the changes, the short term affect is about what I expected, minimal.

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