Will Paid Search Live on the Mobile Internet? Google Phone?

While I was at the AlwaysOn Media conference I kept running across the question: “how will advertising live on mobile phones?”

Now, I maybe naive but I have a hard time believing that ads will be welcome on cell phones and other mobile devices. From a users perspective, data plans for cell phones are already extremely expensive and not very practical. Most data plans require a monthly fee plus additional fees for the data downloaded and I don’t see many people wanting to pay additional fees to download ads.

Eventually, these fees will come down in price or be free all together. The mobile Internet is the next frontier in Internet usage and where there are consumers, you bet their will be ads, so I have come up with the solution. An ad supported phone. Thats where Google comes in. They already offer a world of services that are ad supported which gives them another outlet for their advertisers. It’s a long shot but it really isn’t too far away from their core competencies . I haven’t done the math on it but I’m pretty sure Google could buy up a mobile phone company, charge people a nominal price for voice service, offer free data plans and still make big money.

Yea, its a rough concept but I don’t think its that far off. In fact I’m sure the Googlers are whipping up some evil plan right now.


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