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Flashback to 3-years ago – Click Fraud and IP exclusion Still Important

As one of my many new year’s resolutions I was doing some house cleaning on my sites and stumbled upon this post I wrote back in 2007 about Google’s IP Exclusion tool. I think it’s a topic that needs to be revisited. I’ve seen consistent increase in competition and CPC’s across my client base for…


How Not to Write Your Ads

SERoundtable had a poll this morning that I thought was interesting, its a ‘What is your highest CTR’? poll. Just about anyone who runs any kind of paid search account would tell you this is such an arbitrary question it can’t possibly be accurate. Account Level? Campaign level? Keyword level? Ad Level? I have a…

What Our Clients Say

Just some of the kind things our clients have had to say about us over the years of servicing PPC accounts from every industry.

I would say 10/10 and would definitely recommend! I certainly have done by word of mouth! The main reasons being the way everything is explained in as simple terms as possible as well as with frank consideration of our aims
Alan Ginsburg
Marketing Director
They have not only helped us with PPC but also our tracking and analytics. In an industry where chancers abound it is good to do business with an honest, holistic digital expert, thank you for this
Kate Bucher
They took the time to understand our business, our competitors, and what the rest of our marketing strategy looked like. They spent time not only with our Marketing department but also Sales and our General Manager — to ensure they understood the business from different perspectives.
Bill Mingo

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